Rent a Nissan Rogue from Giles Nissan

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rent an rogue in lafayette
Giles AutoRent is your premier place to rent a Nissan Rogue. Backed by our award winning dealership you are certain to get a vehicle that meets your expectations and service to match. Call or contact us today to reserve your Nissan Rogue for the day, weekend or week.

Giles Nissan

Giles Nissan
6137 Johnston Street
Lafayette, LA 70503

Giles AutoRent

Giles AutoRent
4500 Johnston St
Lafayette, LA 70503

Nissan of Opelousas

Nissan of Opelousas
5731 I-49 Frontage Rd
Opelousas, LA 70570, USA

Rent your Nissan Rogue Today by Calling 800-917-5813 or click below

All rentals are subject to daily, weekend or weekly rate plus taxes and applicable fees.
Rogue Full – 350 miles/day($.15/mile for every mile over the limit)
Rogue Sport – 300 miles/day ($.15/mile for every mile over the limit)

• 21 years of age or older
• Valid driver’s license
• Full coverage insurance in the renter’s name (additional drivers must also have full coverage insurance)
• Major credit card or bank debit card (with Visa/Mastercard logo) in the renter’s name.
• Proof of residency current utility bill  (home phone or cable bill) In Renters name matching the current address on your Driver’s license.